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Popcorn Therapy

A reminder that life is pleasant, especially with the assistance of gourmet popcorn and sweet treats.

As we move through the consistent hustle and bustle of everyday life, it becomes rather easy to overlook the small joys that used to captivate our imaginations like when we were younger. The kind of things like a unique sea shell or a fascinating insect, that for some reason would stop the world from spinning as we just simply gawked at the awesomeness of that moment. We here at PopCorn Bliss would like to reunite you with that moment by inviting you to return to a time of innocence within our four walls. A piece of popcorn therapy, if you will.

As stated in an article written by W. Richard Walker, Ph.D, Life is pleasant and memories help keep it that way. Good memories far outweigh mundane stresses or even some of life’s heavier hits. We not only pride ourselves as a gourmet popcorn shop (using the finest ingredients to offer), we also promise that life is sweet and has many moments to look back on fondly. This is one of the many reasons why we have opened our shop up in the midst of Castle Rock: our way of painting a picture as a reminder of happy times to our community.

So whether you need to treat your eyes with the vast array of candy decorating our walls or your taste buds with one (or a few) of our rotating 60 flavors, we will help remind you that life is truly pleasant. And for your friends and family that may need a reminder of that, we offer custom one of a kind gift baskets that are sure to bring a smile to whoever receives them. So come in, take a load off and embrace the joy of imagination with us. We are here for your daily dose of popcorn therapy.

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